D1013 News

Second (and largest) WLA Order placed for D1013’s bogie overhaul!

Following the WLA’s recent order for bogie Pedestal Brackets, a further order has been placed for 16 Bogie Spring Hangers which will be specially forged by WH Tildesley Ltd, one of the leading forged component manufacturers in the UK, based in Willenhall, West Midlands.

The Spring Hangers are safety critical components, subject to wear and tear over the years. They are located on the Compensating Beams, four per bogie, which means that the WLA will have 8 spare (it was almost just as expensive to manufacture a minimal quantity of 8, compared to 16!).

The total order value was just over £20k, which included part-cost tooling of £4.7k. The lead time for the order is expected to be around 20 weeks and will financed from the D1013’s Bogie Appeal. Additional items for D1013’s bogies overhaul project will be:

  • Torque Reaction Rubbers
  • High Tensile Bolts for Torque Reaction Arms
  • Separation Tubes for Torque Reaction Arms
  • Brake Cylinder components

The two recent orders will reduce the Bogie Appeal from approx. £29k to around £3k, so any further donations to help with the above would be very much appreciated!

Thank you!